e3 clothing examplese3 Civic High School • IMPORTANT INFORMATION

STEP 1: Review YOUR School’s Information

1. Yearbook Deadline to be Photographed: January 11, 2020
You MUST be photographed by the deadline date listed to be included in the Yearbook.

Please note: Your school determines the background. posing and clothing requirements suitable for the Yearbook. They also dictate the deadline as to when images are to be submitted. It is our directive and your responsibility to comply with their requirements IF you want to be included in the Yearbook.

2. Sessions are available in our Studio OR there will be one (1) DAY at School, (date hasn’t been set yet). The “At School” Day will be a Yearbook “MINI” Session ONLY – NO OPTIONS.

3. Cap & Gown: We have our own Cap & Gowns in your school colors available in our Studio for you to use in your Photo Shoot, should you book one of our Cap & Gown Session Add-ons OR the Deluxe Cap & Gown Session. We provide this service because you will NOT receive your personal Cap & Gown until Graduation.

4. Dress Code for Yearbook Session:
Women – Black Velvet DRAPE. (studio will provide)
Men – Tuxedo Shirt & Jacket (studio will provide)

Each Senior is given one (1) FREE Yearbook Session to meet Yearbook requirements. Retakes will be at Full ($35.00) or at the very least, half price ($17.50). Be prepared, don’t waste your ONE Free opportunity.

Be prepared, don’t waste your ONE Free opportunity.

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