Extra • Ordinary people (that’s you)
deserve extraordinary images.

Not only does your Senior Portrait mark a milestone in your life, but, it should also tell a story about who you are. What you feel, and think about your life. What your dreams are. Where you want to go and who you might want to be.

This is a very special time for everyone in your life, especially…YOU.
• It’s your final year in school before you begin life on your own.
• It’s a time of happiness, but also a little fear.
• It’s excitement about what lies before you, but also sadness for what you are leaving.
• It’s a time for remembering, appreciating, being grateful and then letting go. Very heavy stuff…and emotional too. (we always have tissues on hand)

Well, we’re here to help you through all this. We’ve made a career out of helping Seniors and their families get thru SENIOR YEAR. We’ve seen it all, and lived to tell.

Seriously, it’s not that hard – like anything in life…you just need to be prepared. And, we’ll help with that, too.

Now…let’s get started.

STEP 1: Plan

Think about what YOU want for Senior Portraits. Now that Yearbook Deadlines are done, it’s time to get creative. Are you into sports? Music? Dance? Art? Cars? Books? Whatever you are into – we’ve got the experience and talent to showcase it for you.


STEP 2: Schedule your Creative Session

Sessions are only available through Spring Break. So, make your appointment now.

Creative Images make fantastic GRAD ANNOUNCEMENTS!

If you have any questions – give us a call during business hours.
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