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Just some important information before you begin…

The Senior Portrait for the Yearbook is the FOREVER Portrait. Why? Because it’s the only Portrait of you that is published in a historical document… the High School Yearbook. Photos on your phone will eventually be lost or deleted – very seldom are they printed to be kept and shared. Yearbooks, and the Senior Portrait are a uniquely American Tradition. As such, please put some time and thought into your appearance. Remember – it’s your FOREVER Portrait! A lasting, printed memory that you were here.

• We are a time sensitive, time dependent service. Therefore, in consideration of everyone – please only book the session time you will be able to keep.

• We are offering only 2 Sessions for now. The SIMPLE CHOICE session and the SIMPLE CHOICE PLUS. The SIMPLE CHOICE PLUS includes the Simple Choice (yearbook) poses PLUS a selection of Cap & Gown poses. We will provide the Cap, Gown, Tassel and all the props for creating some FUN poses.

The SIMPLE CHOICE session is offered FREE (one) to all Seniors that attend one of our Schools. In this session, we will take 3-5 images, head & shoulder that meet your Yearbook requirement. From these, you will be given the opportunity to select and submit the image you want in the Yearbook. We will retouch the image and prep it to the Publisher’s Specifications then submit it to the Yearbook Staff by their Deadline.

The SIMPLE CHOICE PLUS session includes the above Simple Choice requirements PLUS Cap & Gown poses. This session is NOT FREE. There is a Non-Refundable Session Fee required for this Session. This fee covers the cost of keeping the caps, gowns, and props clean and in useful shape. Replaced when needed. You MUST wear a shirt and pants / shorts under the gown. A dress shirt & tie or white t-shirt is best for under the gown. All images created will be “head & shoulders” style on the same yearbook background.

PLEASE NOTE: We will NOT be providing any CLOTHING due to COVID. Your SCHOOL’S dress code requirement will be provided to you in your Appointment Confirmation.

Please select your day and time from the options listed below. Please complete the booking and fill in ALL the information so that you receive a confirmation.