Preuss Seniors – Book your appointment…

Listed below are the sessions we have to offer.
Please review each before you make your choice.

• You will need your availability – have access to your work & school schedules. Don’t forget any time commitments for athletics, clubs, friends or family. Anything that will limit the available time you have to schedule your appointment.

This is important – you only get 1 appointment. Make your selection of Session type and appointment time carefully. time carefully.

• Once you have this information at hand, make sure you have a Credit Card available to you if you are selecting the Deluxe Senior Session or plan to ADD to your Simple Choice session. Fees for Sessions are due during the booking process. ADD-ONs are not available on the day you are photographed.

If you have all this ready… let’s get started!

Step 1 – Click the “BOOK” button next to the Session description for the session you want.

Step 2 – Select the day (calendar) and time – listed to the right of the Calendar for the day selected.

Step 3 – Start filling in all the information requested to book the Appointment.
Make sure the email address you enter is one you CHECK – the system will send an automatic confirmation of the session and reminders. PLEASE – save the confirmation email. If you have to make any changes or a cancellation – you must do so thru this email.

Again… be sure to select from ONLY those Sessions for YOUR SCHOOL. Making the wrong choice will result in you NOT being in your school’s Yearbook.