Welcome Class of 2023…

Just some important information before you begin…

The Senior Portrait for the Yearbook is the FOREVER Portrait. Why? Because it’s the only Portrait of you that is published in a historical document…the High School Yearbook. Photos on your phone will eventually be lost or deleted – very seldom are they printed to be kept and shared. Yearbooks, and the Senior Portrait are a uniquely American Tradition. As such, please put some time and thought into your appearance. Remember – it’s your FOREVER Portrait! A lasting, printed memory that you were here.

1 – Be sure to Select YOUR school when reading, checking information or booking your Senior Portrait Appointment. Each SCHOOL has specific “conditions” which will meet their requirements. Choosing the wrong school will result in your being left OUT of your Yearbook. 

2 – We are a time sensitive, time dependent service. Therefore, in consideration of everyone – please only book the session time you will be able to keep. 

3 – We are offering only 2 Sessions. Each are modified to meet the particular School’s requirements. Again – be sure to select only YOUR school. 

4 – We will NOT be providing any CLOTHING due to our safety protocols. Your SCHOOL’s dress code is provided on your school’s information page.