STEP 2 – Schedule your Portrait Session

Listed below are all the Portrait Sessions we offer. Some are very basic, while others are much more creative, some in the Studio, some on Location. There is SOMETHING for everyone.

PLUS…you have OPTIONS to make the Session of your choice. YOURS. You can ADD to your Session, depending on what you decide originally, there are options.

One suggestion before you choose your Portrait Session, check out our Catalog.

This will show you some of the products we have to offer (which could influence your Session choice). Some products require that a more creative session be photographed giving you the variety in poses to complete the product.

We’ve also got some cool Videos available to give you some ideas as to what you can do in a session. Ideas for Props, outfits, looks, etc.
You can check all that out and then come back here to make your choice. We want you to be happy with what you’ve decided to do.

Now, before you choose your Session and book your Appointment. You will need to have access to a few things:
~ Your Schedule and anyone’s that will be accompanying you to your Session.
~ You have checked the Photography Deadline for your school. Write that date down. You MUST be photographed before that date.
~ Credit Card (payment is required when the session is booked) Yearbook MINI Session is FREE but you will need to pay for any Add-Ons.
~ Student ID Number – this is CRITICAL. Can’t make the appointment without it.

Remember – when you book your appointment, you will be setting up an ACCOUNT on our Booking site – ALL your portrait sessions will be booked thru this account. WE have automatic confirmation and reminders set up to help provide you with important feedback. Email address entered should be one that you use regularly.

Got everything? Great! let’s begin…

SAT Test Dates