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Clothing and Grooming Questions
Yearbook Deadlines
SAT Test Dates & Deadlines
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Placing your Portrait Order
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When do I pay for my session? Sessions that list a price are due when the session is booked.  So, be prepared.  When you reserve your appointment on our website, you will be required to enter credit card information to pay for your session.

Are prints included with my session fee? NO, except for the All Inclusive Options available on some sessions.  Session fee covers only part of the cost of the photographers time, creative ability, use of our props and our services.

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What Portrait Session should I choose? That’s up to you and what you want.  We provide each Senior from our Contract Schools (those listed by name) with one (1) FREE Mini Session that will meet their School’s yearbook requirements.  However, most Seniors find that this classic session is just NOT enough.  They want more variety and more choices.  In which case, we suggest you look at upgrading your session to one of our more creative ones.

What props should I bring? Props make the images very personal and add interest to the image.  Here are a few suggestions, if you aren’t sure – give us a call. Props are for Creative Sessions only.

  • sports equipment
  • uniforms (sports, band, cheer)
  • letter jacket
  • your artwork
  • musical instruments
  • clothing showing your heritage
  • costumes from a school production
  • sunglasses & hats
  • collections, posters – bring what interests you!

What are your policies for late arrivals? We understand things happen.  If you are running late for any reason, please give us a call.  If you are more than 10 minutes late for your session, we reserve the right to change your session time AND/OR photograph someone else first.

What do I do if I can’t keep my appointment? As soon as you realize this, give us a call. The sooner the better. DO NOT just go in and book another appointment. Doing this wastes your original appointment time – meaning no other Senior can use that time. We will work with you to re-schedule your appointment to a time that works for you. The sooner you let us know, the more flexibility we have. You must notify us 48 hours prior to your session to avoid loosing your session fee (if any) and receiving a “No Show” status.

What is a “NO Show”? This is what we call someone that doesn’t show up for their scheduled appointment AND doesn’t have the courtesy to call 48 hrs. in advance.  This shows a lack of consideration for their fellow Seniors as well as a lack of respect for us and our profession. By “No Showing” for an appointment, you have wasted our time AND wasted an opportunity for a fellow classmate to take advantage of the appointment time.  Therefore, if you take this route and become a “NO Show” – then “Standby” will be your only option from that point forward.

What is “Standby”? “Standby” is just like the airlines.  Once you “No Show”  an appointment, then from that point forward we will not hold an appointment for you (no seat).  You will need to call us on the morning of a day that you can come in the studio and we will tell you if we have had any cancellations or are booked light and can accommodate you – then you can come in that day.  And, we’ll fit you in.  You’ll wait in our waiting area until we can get to you.  If we don’t have anything that day – then you’ll need to call another day.  Not a good situation, so don’t be a “NO Show”!

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What should I wear?

  • solid colors photograph best
  • avoid sleeveless or very short sleeves – upper arms can be distracting
  • medium to dark tones are best against a dark background
  • white or light tones do best on a white or light background
  • avoid necklines that are very low
  • avoid heavy patterns, which distract from your face
  • remember distractions such as stray hair, tan lines, wristbands and logo designs may create a need for additional digital enhancement at an extra charge.

Do I need to brush my teeth? Yes!

  • for an additional Enhancement Fee, we can whiten your teeth. But, brushing helps a lot.

Do I need to shave? Yes! Maybe, if you want a clean smooth look. If you can see it, so can the camera. Fixing after the fact, is expensive, doable – but expensive.

  • Guys…if at all possible, please shave your face and neck just before leaving for your session
  • Beards, gotees and mustaches need to be trimmed. Unless, you are going for the “Grizzly Adams” look.
  • Ladies…if you are wearing a sleeveless top, and aren’t sporting the “Euro look,” please shave your pits. Same goes for your legs.

Will my hands show? In most cases…Yes!

  • your hands need to be clean and groomed
  • nails trimmed and painted – clear polish if nothing else
  • don’t forget your Class Ring, we like to show it off!

Will my feet show? In some cases…Yes!

  • shoes or feet may show in your images, so they should complement your clothing (outfit)
  • feet clean and groomed

What about my hair?

  • bring a brush or comb
  • have your hair cut at least one week before your session to give it time to look natural
  • don’t try a radically different haircut, style or color just before your session
  • if you’re playing fall sports that require you to cut your hair, be certain to make your appointment (and keep it) before you cut your hair!

What if I get too much sun? This is a tough one.

  • sun-damaged skin is difficult and expensive to retouch, and results are often unnatural
  • if you have red or peeling skin, please call to reschedule your session appointment

What about my braces?

  • for an extra charge, braces and other dental work can be successfully removed from your portraits with digital technology

What about glasses? Wear them, if it’s your natural look. We’ll do our best to avoid glass glare.

  • if you have thick lenses, we suggest you have your optometrist remove the lenses or lend you a pair of empty frames for your session
  • thick lenses or heavy prescriptions can distort the eye and is nearly impossible to make look natural

Should I wear jewelry?

  • simple jewelry can enhance your look – avoid large, distracting pieces
  • don’t forget your Class Ring!

Should I worry about my complexion? NO!

  • retouching / enhancement will correct many minor skin problems which is included when you purchase your portraits
  • removal of scars, heavy acne, moles, tats and such require extensive enhancement services, there are additional fees for these services
  • a light covering of foundation usually helps with most skin problems and boosts your confidence, guys too.

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What are Yearbook Deadlines? his is the date that we MUST deliver to your school the images (photos) of each Senior photographed for publication in the Yearbook.  These deadlines are NOT set by us.  Your school working with their Yearbook Publisher, again not us, sets this date.  Keeping in mind that we need approximately 3-4 weeks to process each image for publication – our cut off date for photography and image choice will be approximately 4-5 weeks prior to the Yearbook Publisher Deadline date.

Can I pick my Yearbook pose on line? Yes! We make this option available to all of our Contract Seniors.  You will have only ONE opportunity – once a choice is made, then the option to make a Yearbook choice will not longer be available to you.  Your Yearbook choice must be made within 5 days of your images being posted on our website.  If you have NOT made your choice by day 6, we will make the choice for you.

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SAT Test Dates & Deadlines

What are SAT Test Dates & Deadlines? This is a list of the SAT Test Dates. Please keep these dates in mind when you are scheduling your Senior Portrait Appointment. If you are taking this test, DO NOT book these dates for your Senior Portrait.

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What if I plan to be away all summer? Arrange to have your session before your leave or as soon as you return.

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How will I see my images? You have these options when it comes to viewing your images:

  • For your convenience, your session images will be posted on our secure website for viewing and placing your order. This FREE one-time service will be available within 7 – 10 days of your session date & will ONLY be online for 14 days. Session will be removed automatically on day 15. Once your session is removed from our site – it is still available in our studio (by appointment only) for ordering. However, there is a $25.00 fee to RE-POST your session. Posting fees are non-refundable and must be paid in advance of posting.
  • You may schedule an appointment with one of our studio associates to view your session & place your order. Please call us to set this up. 619-741-0621

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How do I place my Senior Portrait order? You have 2 options available to you:

  • If you like to have “face to face” interaction, then you need to call and reserve an Appointment with one of our Associates. They will be happy to help you with any questions you may have and assist you in placing your portrait order.
  • Order on line, for your convenience we have a selection of portrait packages and products available for online purchase.  Not all of our product line will be available online.  Be sure to talk with an Associate to get more information about what is and is not available online.

How long does it take for my order to be processed? Most senior portrait orders take about 3-4 weeks.

What are my payment options? We accept Cash, Checks and Credit Cards (VISA, MasterCard and  Discover).  Checks are NOT accepted on final delivery. We do offer a payment plan option. Ask an associate for more information.

Do you have a payment plan? YES!
Our payment plan is very simple – it requires 2 credit cards to be on file with us, a minimum order of $350.00 (before taxes & shipping fees) or more.  The earlier you order – the longer you have to pay, the smaller your monthly payment amount.  We take your total order amount; divide by the number of months available until April 1st and that is your monthly payment amount.  We do not charge interest and your order will be put into process once you have paid 75% of the entire amount.  All payment plans MUST be completed by APRIL 1st of Senior Year.  Ask our Associates for more details regarding our payment plan.  Payment plan is NOT currently available with online orders.

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What is a Contract Photographer? A Contract Photographer is one that your school or District has entered into an agreement with to be the exclusive provider of photographic services for the school.  One aspect of this contract is that the Contract Photographer provide Senior Portrait images for the Yearbook.  Because of this contract, only the Contract Photographer’s images will be accepted for publication in the Yearbook.  It also means that the Contract Photographer must provide a FREE Portrait Session  meeting the Yearbook requirements for each Senior.  They must also provide all the image prep work (retouching, color balancing, cropping, head size standardization and file prep) required for publication.  This amounts to an expense of $35.00-40.00 per Senior photographed.  The Contract Photographer cannot require the Senior to make a purchase to receive this service.

Most Contract Photographers also provide, free of charge to the school or District, products and services like:
ID Cards, ASB Stickers, Security Photo Reference Books, Photo Identification Software, Photographic Services for athletic, club and activity events as needed for the Yearbook. These items and many more services are provided FREE to the school. The only way a Contract Photographer can continue to provide these FREE service is thru the purchase of the products they sell.

We are a Contract Photographer for those schools listed on our website. We are ALSO a photographer available for “non-contract” Senior photography.

Why should I honor your copyright? First and foremost…Because it’s the RIGHT THING TO DO and IT’S THE LAW.  All artists and performers make their livelihood from the products they produce.  By copying, you are stealing from them (us).  Taking away their ability to support themselves, their families and continue their art.  You are damaging their reputation because the quality of the product produced from your copy or scan is NOT a true representation of their ability or the quality they produce.  Our systems are geared to produce the highest quality photograph from our files, a TRUE representation of our ability as professional artists.  Every time an illegal copy or scan of an artists work is make to avoid payment – the costs to all of us is increased.  Don’t do it, period. Show respect for the work.

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